Graduate Students (Ph.D. and M.S.)

We welcome applicants who have a strong background in:

  • Numerical methods and linear algebra
  • Vector calculus
  • C/C++ or a similar scientific programming language
  • Matlab
  • OpenGL

Experience in some or all of the following fields is highly desirable:

  • Computer graphics and geometric modeling
  • 3D modeling
  • Computer vision
  • Machine learning and pattern analysis
  • Optimization
  • Industrial design

Candidates must be demonstrably proficient in oral and written communication (prior publications, presentations etc.).

If you are interested in joining, please contact Prof. Kara ( Your application has a much better chance of being reviewed if your CV reflects the above qualifications. Applications with prior research experience in computational engineering and computer graphics are strongly encouraged.

Undergraduate Students

Research positions in the above areas are available for highly motivated and capable undergraduate students. Please contact Prof. Kara ( to set up a meeting.