May 2022
We are presenting four papers at IDETC-DAC 2022. Check out our publications page!

April 2022
Prof. Kara gave a talk at the Toronto Geometry Colloquium.

September 2021
Hongrui (Ray) Chen joined VDEL as new PhD students. Welcome to VDEL!

January 2021
Haolin Liu joined VDEL as new PhD students. Welcome to VDEL!

December 2020
Three new papers accepted Journal of Mechanical Design, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Energy and AI

October 2020
Four papers accepted to ML for Engineering Modeling, Simulation, and Design Workshop at NeurIPS 2020

October 2020
One paper accepted to MLCAD 2020

September 2020
Two papers accepted to MST20

September 2020
Congratulations Dr. Zhenguo Nie for starting your new position at Tsinghua University!

August 2020
Kevin Ferguson and Dan Emerson joined VDEL as new PhD students. Welcome to VDEL!

May 2020
Congratulations Dr. Ye Han for successfully defending your PhD thesis! Dr. Han is starting a new position at Kitware.

April 2020
We have three new papers accepted to ASME IDETC Design Automation Conference 2020!

April 2020
Prof. Kara gave a seminar (on Zoom!) at Ohio State University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineerings Science Dept.

February 2020
Prof. Kara gave a seminar at University of Pittsburgh Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Dept.

January 2020
We are starting an exciting new project with SAP!

December 2019
Prof. Kara gave a seminar at Rice University Mechanical Engineering Dept.

November 2019
Prof. Kara gave a seminar at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

October 2019
Prof. Kara gave a keynote talk at the ANSYS TechCon 2019!

October 2019
Our paper on soft tissue deformation tracking using fiducial marker optimization has been accepted to IJCARS!

October 2019
Our lab is a part of the newly formed Center of Excellence: Data-Driven Discovery of Optimized Multifunctional Material Systems, funded by AFRL!

September 2019
Our paper on deep reinforcement learning for global routing has been accepted to JMD!

September 2019
We welcome Vidhi, Willetta and Ruchit to our lab!

August 2019
We presented four papers at this year’s IDETC in Anaheim, CA!

August 2019
Prof. Kara gave a talk at Auotdesk Research Toronto as part of the AI for Engineering Summer School.

June 2019
Our lab just got four new Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080ti machines for our deep learning research!