Welcome to the Visual Design and Engineering Lab at Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering Department. Our primary objective is to create new theories and methodologies that enhance early phases of engineering design through novel computational technologies. Our current work involves research in geometric knowledge capture and reuse, 3D geometric design, design synthesis from examples, augmented reality, sketch recognition, and human cognition. The primary applications of our research are in the areas of computer-aided design, industrial product design, pen-based computer applications, surgical plannning and diagnosis tools, and educational technologies.

Research Interests

Design Technology
Conceptual design tools
Sketch-based interfaces
Design for additive manufacturing
Virtual/Augmented reality
Design innovation
Artificial Intelligence in design
Computational Geometry & 3D Modeling
Shape analysis and processing
Curve and surface design
Data-driven shape modeling
Aesthetics and styling
Physically-based modeling
Bio-Medical Modeling and Simulation
Design Methodology & Automation
Computational design tools
Computer aided design
Design reasoning
Spatial & geometric reasoning
Qualitative physics